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At Casino Co. Renovations, we hold ourselves accountable for delivering top-notch work and take immense pride in doing so. Our services not only involve the installation of cutting-edge Smart Film®, Smart Tint technology, but we also strive to educate our clients about the various benefits and features associated with each type. Our primary objective is to comprehend your requirements and provide the most efficient solutions for your auto, residential, commercial, and marine needs. Thank you for showing interest in our services; we are thrilled about the prospect of collaborating with you!

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Casino Co. Renovations is committed to providing its customers with practical and durable solutions, including Smart Tint® products. As a company that understands the importance of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space, we truly recognize the value of Smart Tint® in providing privacy and control of light for any glass surface. We collaborate very closely with architects, designers, and clients to create customized solutions that cater to their unique requirements. We hold clear and prioritize delivering excellent customer service and American made products for years to come.

Products and Services

If you’re seeking a thorough examination of the available options for your project, we welcome you to visit our designer showroom where you can find the entire range of Smart Tint® products. Our team has a deep understanding of the installation and upkeep of Smart Tint®, and our Smart Tint® Dealers possess exceptional qualities of skill, affability, and knowledge. With their expertise, they can assist you in choosing the perfect Smart Tint® solution that suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact Casino Co. Renovations today to connect with our verified Smart Tint® Dealer and obtain an industry-leading quote!

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One of the reasons Casino Co. Renovations partners with Smart Tint® is because they are renowned for their exceptional window film products, and equally important is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Smart Tint® products are proudly manufactured in the United States, and what truly sets them apart is their 5-year industry-leading warranty, which provides comprehensive coverage should any issues arise. It is in these moments that you discover the true worth of Smart Tint®, as you can have peace of mind knowing that you are fully protected throughout the entire ordering and installation process.
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Our Smart Tint® come with a complete 5 Year Smart Tint® warranty. Give Casino Co. Renovations a call today to learn more about how we can help reduce energy your costs and much more!

Smart Tint® Benefits

Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty

You can rest assured that your project’s Smart Tint® is fully backed by Smart Tint’s industry leading five year warranty.

24 Hr
Turn- Around Times

As a Smart Tint® Dealer we can process and manufacture your project in as little as 24 hours.